About Our Shop

Passion.  It's what we bring to you everyday.  We love being able to use that passion to bring unique, fun, exciting and rare vintage items directly to your front door.  Our Mystery Flannels are the bread and butter with over 200 sets sold to date.  We put up new pieces weekly so be on the lookout for our latest and greatest releases!



Vintage Clothing

From 60's Boutique to 90's boy bands.  We do our best to supply all sorts of unique styles in between. Our windbreaker section is a must-see and the Mystery Flannel deal is the best in the business!  We are always looking for fresh new ideas of items to post, so feel free to contact us if there is something you are specifically looking for. 

Unparalleled Style

Our clothing turns heads.  You won't find anything we sell anywhere else.  Everything is authentic, original vintage items that we hand pick to be worthy of being sold to you.  We are currently expanding our product base and could not be more excited to bring you even more amazing vintage finds!